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Don't miss your chance, go to australia online casino only here good luck awaits you! When I was a young junior player many moons ago I started playing with a second hand club that my Mother purchased at an antique shop in the local village. Other players had their fathers old clubs that had been cut down to roughly fit their children`s height. These were heavy and cumbersome and totally useless – I`m surprised more Juniors didn`t give up than did.

Give Juniors a Chance to Succeed

This article came about as I was teaching a young Junior on the Old Course with a Junior club properly fitted both in length and weight. The Junior had a 6 lesson course in which time he began to swing quite well and joined the Junior section. To my horror instead of purchasing the set that fitted his child the father purchased a set on the internet because it was cheaper. The set was too long, too heavy and had steel shafts in the irons and the grips were too thick. After a month the Junior`s swing was unrecognisable. In order to swing the new clubs he had totally changed everything and was hitting the ball everywhere – the clubs were swinging him instead of him swinging the clubs.
Golf Professionals have an ethic duty to advise pupils, members and the general public about equipment purchases and sometimes this is misinterpreted as a sales pitch.


The Right Clubs Make a difference

Having sourced the market the Staff at the Old & New Course can 100% recommend U.S. Kids Junior Clubs. They may cost a little more than other so called Junior sets but they will give your sons and daughters every chance of playing good golf.
This may seem like an advert for U.S. Kids however I`m more concerned about the well being of your childrens Golf Swing.

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