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The Dreaded Shanks

In the PGA Training Manual you will find 13 ways of shanking that are normally triggered off by extreme set-up positions, such as the ball being too far forward in the stance etc.

Most shanks are caused by the club being thrown or forced outside the ball to target line on the downswing, thus resulting in a contact of the ball with the  neck (hosel) of the club, with the ball flying off at right angles.

Fear sets in and a repeat performance is not uncommon.

The “take a step and swing method” will put things right.

Problem over.

I remember an Englishman living in Korsor in Denmark that had just started playing golf again after a 15 year lay off. Great set up and backswing. However he was not 18 years old any more and his body and arms moved the club way outside the normal downswing path resulting in a shank. The only way he could play golf was to do the above mentioned movement. His enjoyment returned and gradually he could hit some shots with a conventional movement.

Another episode was a 5 handicap player playing in a top event in Herning. In the morning round he had hit his driver bang in the middle of most fairways and shanked his second shots into trouble shooting producing an horrific high score. Having an emergency lesson during the break I had tried several well tested corrections without success. I resorted to the above method. It worked the young lad shot a 75 in the afternoon – mission accomplished.

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